Aura Clearing

What is Aura Clearing?

Aura Clearing

It is a healing done in the etheric, over distance (when someone is in another district), and is a gentle yet powerful non-invasive healing technique, designed to clear, balance and revitalise your energy system. The goal is to restore harmony, energy and balance within the human energy system by enhancing the energy flow and correcting imbalances.

Also, clearing and repairing the aura on all levels & resetting of boundaries.

Benefits include the ability to stimulate the body’s natural healing response simultaneously on all levels.

Chakras cleared and rebalancing them.

Healing is not necessarily “curing”.  Healing can be getting someone ready to pass over.

Clearing Negative Energies

Actually I don’t know a lot of people that can clear them.  However clearing negative energies is a service I can provide.

Some people such as the people in Nepal recently, or those killed unexpectedly by terrorists or in planes that have been shot from the sky, or driven into a mountain, don’t know they are dead, and for whatever reason have missed going to the light.

I have done a lot of work recently sending these people through to the light.

This also includes people that have committed suicide.

Removing negative energies from the aura, due in part to drug taking, or mixing with people who do.

Some of these are brought about by taking marijuana or other drugs.  Drugs tear holes in the aura and let the negative energies in to reek havoc.

This work is specific to remove negative energies from the aura.

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