Entity Clearing

Sending people to the “light”

Some people such as the people in Nepal recently, or those killed unexpectedly by terrorists or in planes that have been shot from the sky, or driven into a mountain, don’t know they are dead, and for whatever reason have missed going to the light.

I have done a lot of work recently sending these people through to the light.

This also includes people that have committed suicide.

Removing negative energies from the aura, due in part to drug taking, or mixing with people who do.

The new drug of worry is ICE, although all drugs are a worry to those left to deal with the consequences. The energy left by ICE is particularly heavy, much heavier than other drugs.

Radical mood swings are a good indicator that a person is on ICE or other drugs.  Some people can’t handle the “lesser drugs”.

Service: The removal of these energies related to ICE or any other drug can take a good 30-45 minutes and longer for the residue to subside and be replaced by “good energy”.

This work is specific to remove negative energies from the aura.

If you are concerned about your loved ones that have passed, or those that have been a victim of suicide, then contact me.  All inquiries are treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

Removing Energies & Entities From Homes.

I have also been very successful in removing energies and entities from homes.

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